What we do


Seeds of Creativity teaches writing, art, and publishing to students. The program is full of activities that teach aspects of production that help the students learn scheduling and a productive work ethic. Students will be part of a hands-on experience that takes them through the publishing process.


The writing portion of the program helps students learn aspects of writing such as world building, character development, plot structure, and dialogue.


The Art portion of the program will allow students to explore the concepts of the Elements of Art. Subjects such as Balance, Value, Shape, and Proportion will be discussed using 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional aspects of art.


In the production portion of the program, the process required to produce a published work is discussed. Furthermore, all of the occupations that are involved in the process are taught and introduced to the students as feasible future careers.

There are numerous benefits to participating in Seeds of Creativity. Students are:

  • Celebrated as proficient and successful writers, artist, and creators.
  • Exposed to additional career choices, which helps puts students on the path to College and Career Readiness.
  • Published as authors in an authentic printed medium.

Seeds of Creativity is aligned to current educational standards such as Common Core, and uses formatting similar to district Literary Fairs, making it simple and cross-compatible with other existing educational activities and literary events.

The end product of Seeds of Creativity is a high-quality printed paperback or hardcover book. A student can proudly say that he or she is a published author.



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