What is Seeds of Creativity?


Who we are


SEEDS of Creativity is a publishing journey for school-aged children. It produces an anthology book created by students. It educates children and teaches them about career opportunities and choices often overlooked.

It helps to strengthen

Our children, Our community, Our legacy.

Publishing allows students to expand their creative and educational horizons. Our program, SEEDS of Creativity, is a great way to encourage students to become engaged with their future.


Our goal is to give students the creative opportunities that will help shape their professional futures at an early age.

We want our students to BUD 

  • Build confidence in writing their thoughts.
  • Upgrade their artistic interaction with the world around them.
  • Develop the personal courage to follow a career of their choice.

We strive to make our students SPROUT

  • Seek out creative sources.
  • Pursue the concepts of artistic creation.
  • Roll with the flow of their inspiration.
  • Outdo personal doubt.
  • Upgrade their level of thinking.
  • Trust their ideas.


The end product of SEEDS of Creativity is a high-quality printed paperback or hardcover book of the students’ creative works. A student can proudly say that they are a published author.

The book will contain an ISBN number, submission to the Library of Congress, and Copyright, making it a genuine published book.

The book will contain a collection of works written, edited, and published by the student and their classmates – a unique way to celebrate success among peers and of your students’ creativity.